Friday, October 4, 2013

Salutations, jerks.


This blog exists to provide multiple (although sometimes synoptic) points of view on films. What kinds of films do we review? Anything not in theaters. Mostly because I'm too poor to fork out $10 a week on a movie I can't take home with me. Each installment features a film selected by a different reviewer. Our inaugural post will be covering Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Since there are four of us, I figure it would be best to introduce everyone. Some of the following information may or may not be comprised of lies.

Brighid: I am the head honcho and author of this blog's maiden post. I'm probably the least qualified of the lot to opine over films, so I tend to compensate with a blitzkrieg of forceful opinions and strong language. There are large gaps in my film knowledge, but once I get a hankering for something, I make it my mission to acquire encyclopedic knowledge of the topic in question. Packing the smallest bag of credentials amongst those assembled, I have of course taken it upon myself to be the de facto first among equals, in true managerial tradition. I am full of vaulting ambition, and dare to be all that may become a person, which apparently includes blogging about talkies.

Evan, a.k.a Sixhoursoflucy: Whereas the rest of us are scattered like weeds just outside the Chicagoland area, Evan resides in the Pacific Northwest (This will undoubtedly be a crutch for him to justify turning reviews in late). Of the four of us, he is the most accomplished movie reviewer, having hosted the popular Moviefraud podcast in the past, as well as engaging in professional film reviews for Broadsheet360. He lends an air of legitimacy and refinement to what would otherwise be an undisciplined and piratical operation.

Scott, a.k.a Doktor nOnsensical: Scott is also a published professional, serving as Managing Editor on  Literary Orphans Press, a digital publication from the heart of Chicago, as well as having published a novel, China Town Warrior, currently available on He can wheel and deal with actual academic perspectives on film having studied them a bit in college, and along with Evan possesses encyclopedic knowledge of the Horror genre. He is the closest thing to an optimist we can muster at this juncture.

Charlie: Charlie, much like his Always Sunny partner-in-nomenclature, is our wild card. He is not published or formally schooled in the arts of cinema, but his kung fu is deep, having trained alone in the wilderness honing his opinions like a celluloid-wielding Miyamoto Musashi. He is a veritable jack of all trades, and brings a genuine love of the medium with him. He can also make you his bitch in the low post, slamming an' jamming on yo ass, putting up 20 and 10 without a single jump shot. WHAT.

Next: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Get psyched!

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